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History of CET

CET Standards – 2013 Version

The 2013 CET Accreditation Standards incorporate important changes that have arisen from government decisions around Community Disability Services and reflect current best practice within the field. CET continues to offer Accreditation Level I and Level II Standards for Adults with Disabilities.

Feedback from the 2008 Children's Accreditation Standards has resulted in standards that better suit services to children and youth, including transitional services. The 2013 CET Accreditation Standards for Children with Disabilities can be combined with the CET Accreditation Level II Standards to enable organizations to have their services for adults and children reviewed and accredited through one process.

The additional indicators for Complex Behaviour Supports have been refined to include complex medical needs. The revised Complex Support Needs Review will be offered as part of either Accreditation Level I or Accreditation Level II.

Continuous Quality Improvement

To keep the CET standards and related documents relevant to changes in the community disability services sector, the standards have been reviewed regularly and according to the following chart.

Core Standards 1989
Striving for Quality (SFQ) Standards 1991
Creating Excellence Together (CET) 1999, Revised 2001, 2003, 2005
CET/SFQ 2001, Revised 2003, 2005
CET Accreditation Level 1 (Formerly CET Certification) 2008
CET Accreditation Level 2 (Formerly CET/SFQ Accreditation) 2008
CET Level 2 with Children's Standards 2008
CET Levels 1 or 2 with Complex Behaviour Supports (CBS) 2008
Leading Excellence Together (LET) Self-Assessment Tool 2009
Guideline for the Use of Medications that Influence
Behaviour (Medication Handbook)
CET Levels 1 and 2, Children's Standards, etc. 2011
CET Levels I and II Accreditation Standards for Adults with Disabilities
CET Accreditation Standards for Children with Disabilities
Complex Support Needs Review


The 2013 version of the standards incorporate the many changes and decisions that the Government of Alberta and the Community Disability Services sector consider essential to the provision of quality outcomes-based services.

ACDS Head Office

160 3015-12 Street NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2
Ph: (403) 250-9495
Fax: (403) 291-9864

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