City of St. Albert moves to create a more inclusive land-use bylaw

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    Read the article at the St. Albert Gazette

    This move by St. Albert City Council comes after several recent appeals were heard by Council and the City's Development Appeal Board. In one case, the limited group home definition currently in St. Albert's land-use bylaw caused the Lo-Se-Ca Foundation to have to appeal for permission to provide a home and supports to four community residents. In another, a home in which several siblings were going to be supported was appealed by neighbouring residents. In both cases the service providers were successful, but faced unpleasant remarks from residents:

    In February, one appellant said he was worried there would be “killers,” “rapists,” and “halfway-house people” in the neighbourhood.
    As an example of more inclusive bylaws, the City of Camrose considers small group homes to be the same as any other home in the community.

    Have you ever been through a residential development appeals process? Have you dealt with your city/town/municipality's land-use bylaw as part of your job to deliver services in the community? What are your thoughts?

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